Kanye West built a bunch of weird domed homes. Then he tore them down

(CNN)The unusual dome structures that Kanye West was building on his 300-acre property in Calabasas, California, are no more after the county ordered the musician to take them down.

“Cars everywhere, and it was obviously an imposition on everybody on the street with very little notice,” a neighbor told CNN affiliate KCAL.
The structures were reportedly inspired by the planet Tatooine from the “Star Wars” films and were being built as possible low-income housing units or housing for the homeless, KCAL reported.
    The public works department contacted West and gave him a September 13 deadline to obtain the necessary permits or demolish the structures, the station reported.
    Representatives for West did not return a request for comment via email.
      “It’s the objective of our building officials to help property owners build in a way that protects public safety and is in compliance with state and county codes,” the department said in a statement to CNN.
      “This is a standard enforcement action for our office, and property owners are given ample time to comply with the order by either removing the unpermitted construction or submitting plans for approval and securing a building permit(s).”

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