Here’s how a weird DNC rule is setting the 2020 debate stage

(CNN)Earlier this week, with virtually no advance notice, the Democratic National Committee, released its criteria for how the 23(!) candidates running for the party’s presidential nomination can qualify for a spot on the stage for the third party-sanctioned debate in September. 1) 2% support in four national or early voting state polls

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Gwendoline Christie Reveals Her Weird Celebrity Crush

“The Graham Norton Show” on BBC One to once having had a crush on a fox puppet called Basil Brush, Shirlaine Forrest via Getty Images Jack Whitehall, who was guest-hosting the show in place of Norton, who is covering this weekend’s Eurovision song contest. “That’s what I look for,” she joked. Download

Brexit disaster is making Britain a weird place to live in

London (CNN)Brexit is exhausting. From the political class trying to deliver Brexit, to the voters who still have not seen it delivered, to the journalists trying to make sense of it, Brexit fatigue is making the UK a very odd country to live in. The leak in question related to the government’s plan to allow Huawei, the Chinese state-owned telecoms company, to help build the UK’s 5G network. As the Daily Telegraph reported last month, ministers had raised concerns in a private meeting that the move would open up the UK to potential cybersecurity risks. Huawei has repeatedly denied the accusations. It’s hard to argue that the Telegraph, once in possession of the information, should not have run it. After …

Twitter Users Bake Trump Over His Deliciously Weird Typo

Donald Trump complained on Sunday about two “stollen” years in office, and Twitter users took him to the bakery over the typo.  Robert Mueller’s investigation: Trump then added his own tweet ― complete with the typo:  Trump later deleted the tweet and posted a new one without the typo. He also deleted a tweet in which he misspelled “Kentucky” as “ Trump’s complaint of two “stollen” years ― and his sharing of Falwell’s tweet demanding two extra years ― came as House Speaker “ But on Twitter, the word #