YouTuber who idolizes PewDiePie finally got to meet himand feed him ‘weird’ snacks


The Indian YouTuber who helped lead the Subscribe to PewDiePie movement and then who demanded the YouTube superstar meet him at a beach in England finally got his wish. And when the meeting occurred, Saiman Says didnt really know what to do with his online idol.

So, the two of them passed the time by eating Indian snacks.

Saiman Says, who has more than 220,000 YouTube subscribers, was of PewDiePie during his months-long battle with Bollywood music channel to be the most popular YouTube channel.

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After , Saiman Says traveled from India to England, camped out on the same beach where PewDiePie recorded the video for his mega-popular Bitch Lasagna track, said he would feed PewDiePie snacks from India, and

In the video, PewDiePie said that to meet him, all you have to do is call him out on YouTube (in Saiman Says case, his video begging for a meetup with PewDiePie was viewed more than 250,000 times). The problem, Saiman Says remarked, was that I never thought this would happen, so I dont have anything in mind. PewDiePie responded by saying, You said you would have snacks for me. Thats why Im here. Im only here for the snacks.

So, the two then chowed down on Indian favorites like bhel, khakra, and Jeera soda. For the most part, PewDiePie enjoyed the unfamiliar flavors, but at one point, he said, It kind of feels like Ive been invited by my grandma, and shes giving me all these weird snacks.

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Yes, some of the video was awkward and stiltedwhich was probably the point. But now that PewDiePies feud with T-Series is finished (as far as we know) and assuming PewDiePie wants to ingratiate himself with Indiawhich has banned two of PewDiePies songs for lyrics that are abusive, vulgar and also racist in naturecollaborating with Saiman Says for a silly video isnt a bad way to do it.

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